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The very first place where people search your business is Google and that is how they build trust on you and your business ideas. If one finds you visible on Google or Google maps then only customers will keep faith in you even if you have small business ideas. Google My Business is a tool that assists you in managing how your business appears on Google search and maps. Your business will show up on search, maps and Google+ by creating a Google My Business account and your business will be listed on google. Let’s have a glance on the steps of listing your business on google:


Sign up or sign in Create a google account on Google My Business to get your business listed on Google, if you do not have one. Then go to the link and click on ‘go to Google’ or ‘sign in’ if you already have an account.

Find your business – After signing in you will be directed to ‘find my business’. Type in the name of your business and address to find it. If the name shows up in the result list, you will have to tick a checkbox giving a confirmation that you have the authorization to claim it. And if you don’t just click on ‘none of these match’ and ‘add your business’

Verify your business – Google will send you a verification postcard on your address to get your business verified. Instructions will be given on the postcard on how to verify your business.

Set up your profile – Set your profile by adding photos, contact number, your website, your opening hours and other details.

Connect your accounts Next step is to connect your youtube account, analytics, Google+ page etc, by clicking on the grid of squares on the top next. This will allow you to access your views and respond to them.


This is how you get listed on Google by creating your own Google page. Get started now and earn the rewards of online searching.

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