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Business on Facebook is a common phenomenon for people these days. It offers a great platform to sell all types of products and services with various types of ads to attract the consumer. Facebook ads help you reach out your target audience very specifically thereby saving time and money spent on offline marketing. Facebook marketing is a growing trend and the future of which looks bright and ongoing. To promote a business on Facebook, one simply needs to create a personal account, then to create a business page account navigate to the “Create a Page” section of Facebook. Then depending upon the type of page, you may choose it and then fill up the requisite information for your page to set it live.

Most interestingly, did you know that you have an eCommerce selling pattern available on facebook via facebook shop page? Well, yes. You can create a shop page or turn your standard business page into a shop page on Facebook and set it up as per your business and configure your payments and other necessary details. After that, add a product to your Facebook shop. Manage the shop by giving more details about the product and you may as well add more products and also add other required details like shipping options and return policies as per the norms of your business. Once all is done, your Facebook shop page is active to sell your products via Facebook.

Many companies either want to directly sell the product through their website and promote the link of their website or any such platform from which they are selling their products to Facebook.
Facebook provides an action button called “Shop Now” through which users can directly purchase the products they buy. Shop Eazzy aims to make the customer experience better with just a click away on Facebook. You can put a shop now button on your FB post and link it to ShopEazzy which will redirect the users to ShopEazzy website and once they buy the product ShopEazzy delivers it to their place from yours safely. So, shop the easy way now!

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