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While online buying is a common scenario these days, more and more vendors are making their online presence to ensure they reach their potential customers and expand their business via an online platform. Online business has made it easy for both businesses and customers to fulfil their needs simply at their doorstep. With so many e-commerce websites and online marketing that makes sure the potential customers know their right marketplace to shop from, e-commerce is growing rapidly. Not to forget about the discounts and services provided by these websites.


To start selling online, you need to first decide the product one has to sell and decide his target audience and value for customers. Then on the research one can decide the scope of the product to be sold online and the buyer’s attitude towards it. Then, advertising and marketing come into the picture. A merchant needs to go through a lot of verification process and quality check before they appear on a website. It requires a lot of investment while you intend to sell anything online. Investment not just in terms of money but in terms of time, documentation, product data feed uploading and many other factors that look like a hassle for a newbie merchant in the online marketplace.

To make online selling convenient for the merchants, ShopEazzy has created an online platform named as ShopEazzy . Here, merchants can easily create an account and start selling their products online without any documentation. The shopeazzy dashboard for merchants is an easy interface to manage from where you can track all your sales and revenue. As soon as a sale happens, the merchant will be notified via email and its dashboard. The merchant can then start the selling process. Shopeazzy will take care of delivering it from merchants place to customers doorstep without any hassle, thereby making the task of merchants 2x times easier. All this can be done for free- uploading data feed, managing sales, zero verification, appear on google search results and reaching out to masses. So register now and start selling your products online.

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