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A perfect product image can be the best way to drive sales of your online store. Product photo acts as the most important element of your business. A professional looking product image can easily make your sales, whereas a mediocre one can break your sales. Therefore, one must have the best knowledge of product photography so that these photos will be converted into your biggest assets. This article will help you know the best product image practices and their importance.


What is the significance of product image to your online store?


Product photo is the first thing which the customers notice about your product. They attract customers with their colours and features. Product image ensures the shoppers whether their product matches to their expectations or not. Customers understand your product in a better way with the help of photos. Multiple angle photo helps the customers to gain whatever information they want. Product pictures definitely boost your brand name and increase your sale.


Best practices of product images


Here are some of the best and common practices of product images including:


Must be of high quality – Most important aspect of the product image is that it must be of high quality. Customers must get the clearest picture possible of your product so that they get enhanced seeing the image.

Integrate alternate views – Another important aspect you must follow is showcasing alternate views of your product photo. Display your product picture from different angles and different proximities so that the customers feel the product like in person.

Have different colours and variations of your product image – When the product photo comes in different colours and variations, customers really praise it because they can see the product in a specific colour rather than imagining it themselves.  

Enable zoomingFor a perfect product image, zooming feature must be present. The image must be clear even when zoomed-in, and also should focus on the details of your product.


Product images have become an important part of your online stores. You can definitely increase your products sales through a perfect product picture

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