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When considering a business strategy, push vs pull marketing is an often discussed topic. Implementing these two will add benefits to your company. Nowadays, most companies solely rely on digital marketing. In the digital world, there are various marketing channels that can influence your strategy of social media advertising, SEO, Google AdWords and many more. The basic difference between push and pull marketing is the way you approach your customers. Push marketing involves promoting a specific product to a relevant audience, whereas a pull marketing strategy draws customers towards your product, creating loyal customers through its design, branding and features. 


What is meant by Push sale marketing?


Push sale marketing is a promotional strategy wherein the business tries to take its products to the customers. This means that the marketers are attempting to push the products to their target customers. Generally, businesses use the push market strategy in launching a new product or while operating in a niche market. Customers are not aware of the new product you launch, so first, you need to create awareness about the new product among the customers through push marketing.


A common example of push marketing can be noticed in departmental stores that sell fragrance lines. They push their product to the customers by offering sales incentives to the department stores.


What is meant by Pull sale marketing?


Pull sale marketing works with just the opposite approach. Pull marketing brings the customers to the product, where marketers are trying to pull customers in. Pull marketing strategy uses sales tactics such as social media promotions, advertised sales promotion and referrals. From a business point of view, pull marketing strategy creates brand loyalty and customers trust, whereas a pull marketing strategy is more concerned with short term sales.


Pull marketing is used by the business when the customer knows what he or she is looking for, and when branding is of great importance to them.


Know about your business platforms and use your marketing strategy for better sales.

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