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Knowing the basics of product pricing techniques and giving important incentives to your buyers is the foundation for making an effective plan of action for your online store. So how about we separate the nuts and bolts of estimating methodology. In case you’re simply beginning, the key is to begin simply.


Decide on your cost and profit margin: So as to appropriately value your items, you should initially have a careful and practical perspective on your unit cost. You’ll have to incorporate overhead expenses too while thinking about unit financial matters: product storage, worker compensations, and so on. When you’ve decided your unit cost, use a basic edge adding machine to decide how to properly value your things to accomplish your desired margin.

Think about the Competition: Market-based pricing is an estimating system that centers prevalently around market factors. One of those elements is competition in the market. Does the demand for your product right now outpace the supply? Assuming this is the case, you can up that price point.

Know Your Audience and Your USP: In the event that you know your group of onlookers and what you’re one of a kind moving recommendation is, at that point, you have influence in the realm of pricing. It’s tied in with handing-off value. Most customers are eager to pay more for an item in the event that it lines up with their perspective or idea of self. There are reasons that terms, for example, Made in the USA and Certified Organic abound in large amounts of the retail world.

Get Up to Speed on Common Pricing Tactics: No reason to reevaluate the wheel with regards to evaluating your items. You may follow a few tricks that most retailers do to attract buyers.
– Put the value of the product Rs. 99 instead of Rs.100.

           – Keep the price higher for a new product and then gradually decrease  the price as per demand.

        – Product pricing your items higher and then put it on discount for a limited period of time.


Product pricing for online retailers is the make or break of their profit and revenue. It has to be planned, keeping in mind of all aspects(including offline pricing) for customers to get attracted and make a purchase online without a tangible feel.

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