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The utilisation of smartphone for creating high-quality product photos may sound a bit crazy to you. But, with today’s advancement in the technology field, it is beneficial to use your phone’s advanced camera feature for product photography. This is a user-friendly option and in your budget. If you investing in a professional photographer for your product image it’s more of a luxury expense than necessity. Why investing in something which is a luxury item. Given below are ways how you can make quality product images with the help of your smartphone:


Position your products – The first step to clicking quality pictures is positioning your product in a better way. Make sure that the set up you create brings out a good image. Customers want to see images that are of high quality, focused and clarity about the product.

Check you backgroundBackground is really important for your product image. Generally, a plain white background suits best for most of the product shots. A white background highlights your product and removes any other distractions. You can set the background with contextual shots showing your product in their surroundings, such as a model for fashionable products, or a kitchen for cooking gears.

Right lighting is a mustBe assured about the lighting during product photography. Natural lighting is free of cost and gives better results than the artificial one. Make sure you light your product evenly and without any shadows.

Pick the highest resolution setting  you can – Make sure that you choose the file size with larger capacity and highest resolution setting your phone allows. This will help you get the best product image possible. You are able to reduce the size file according to your needs.


Getting a better product image has now become very easier. You don’t need any professional anymore for your product images. So, take your smartphone, set your studio and start clicking photos of your product until you take the perfect one.

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