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Every business is created to cater to the need of someone or some other business. At ShopEazzy we try to make your online selling easier. Through us, you can sell your products online hassle-free without any taking any pain to deliver them.

Selling on ShopEazzy is as easy as drinking water. Any merchant can sign up with ShopEazzy and sell their products online through us. With us, merchants can create an account, list their products, give proper details, share it on their social media accounts and pages and grow their business.

At ShopEazzy, merchants do not need any documents to create an account and start selling, they just need to have good quality products and a basic understanding of the dashboard interface of their accounts and defined payout system.

ShopEazzy intends to create great value for its merchants. ShopEazzy lets you create your account for free on its platform. So you can easily create a store without any investment and fear of not being able to sell product and lose your money. Once your store is created, you can easily manage customer support and shipping work from one place. By selling your products on ShopEazzy you will be available on google search results which increases the chance to sell your products, you can also share the links to your ShopEazzy products to your social media profiles to increase your online presence organically. ShopEazzy encourages low cost and easy pathways for merchants to sell their product and grow their business.

Whenever there is a transaction or a sale made, ShopEazzy will take the responsibility of delivering the product from merchants end to customers end without any hassle caused to the seller. During the purchase of a product, you will get a notification on your email and also the information will be available on the vendor dashboard, once you receive this you can start the shipping process and other fulfilment required.

The dashboard gives the merchants full record and analysis of sales made and revenue earned. You can do shipping management, coupon creation and a lot more at just one place without investing a single penny.

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